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The podcast of A Stitch in Haste — A collection of real-world libertarian, individualist and laissez-faire rants on law, economics, politics, culture and other current events by an average, everyday gay lawyer & investment banker and part-time pop scholar.

Episode #3: Reflections on my recent flight to Las Vegas --

  • A good old-fashioned overbooking!
  • Is anyone old enough to remember the Civil Aeronautics Board?
  • In defense of fee-based banking.
  • How another gay podcasting New Yorker caused my midair seizure.

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  • Tony

    The only time I’ve ever been bumped British Airways offered £250. Fortunately my brother and I were very early to the airport, so we were first to volunteer for the list. We only had to wait about 4 hours, I think. $100 per hour would be fine now. As a recent college graduate then, it was outstanding. I returned home with more cash than I had when I left for the trip. I definitely felt it made me better off by trading four hours of my time.

    Mar 27, 2008 at 8:07 am